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Actor Javier Bardem Shows Penis

javier bardem shows penis

This is actor Javier Bardem showing his penis.  I can’t believe we get to see Javier Bardem with his cock out.  He starred in one of our favorite movies ‘No Country for Old Men’.  Javier has several roles lined up for the next few years as well.

Actor Paul Dawson Shows Penis

Actor Paul Dawson Shows Penis

Actor Paul Dawson Shows Penis

This Paul Dawson nude scene was absolutely incredible.  Not only did he show his penis, but also masturbated in the movie.  I still get people requesting to see this classic.

christopher meloni shows nude penis

christopher meloni nude

chris meloni penis

When Christopher Meloni got nude and showed his penis on OZ, the Internet almost broke.  This scene was incredible and was the start of frontal male nudity on TV.

Ian Somerhalder Exposes His Penis

ian somerhalder shirtless

ian somerhalder exposes his penis

Actor Ian Somerhalder is a total stud and here’s his exposed penis.  You can see him on the Television series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ every week.

Peter Firth Exposes Penis

Peter Firth Exposes Penis

Famous actor Peter Firth exposed his big, uncut penis in ‘Equus’.  This is guy is very well hung and this scene has been talked about for years.

Actor Jamie Kennedy Shows Penis

Jamie Kennedy Penis

Actor Jamie Kennedy exposed his penis in this nude scene from ‘Finding Bliss’.  He’s got a big cock for being a normal sized guy.  He’s also very funny and has a good stand up routine.

Lou Diamond Phillips Shows Penis

lou diamond phillips nude

lou diamond phillips nude

Here’s actor Lou Diamond Phillips nude and giving us a really good look at his penis.  He was in some really big movies in the eighties and early nineties, back when his body was smoking hot.